Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The topic I came across is whether cannabis should be used for medical purposes. I recently seen a video allowing kids to use cannabis as a treatment and pain reliever to cancers.  The treatment with cannabis was successful it make the kids eat, relieved pain and helped slow down and kill the cancer cells.  But how well it affect them down the road? They have found that these kids have had better imaginations and a more open mind then kids that weren't treated with cannabis. They have done TED Talks on how it has saved and help treat people and how it can be used for good not just something that is looked down on and criticized as a gateway drug.

Medical Marijuana is being used to help stop seizures and giving people a chance at life.  The drugs that the doctors give you make you sick, hurt, and depressed. I guess a question I have is what well be the future of drugs? Where will Medical Marijuana end up down the road if it is actually helping people? Why haven't the legalized it if it does less harm than alcohol and other drugs its not the drug that actually hurts you its the abuse that you do to it that hurts you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The point of new is to inform people on what is happening throughout the world. News is supposed to keep us updated which is important. I don't feel too impressed with the news lately. The news that is being put out there right now is all so negative and depressing they need to put positive news out. A lot of the new they put out are also really irrelevant to us. People today get a lot of their news from sites like Facebook by clicking on links shared by other people. People just don't sit down and read the newspaper and watch news channels like they use to, You have the new at the touch of a button in your hand. News is most popular searched by internet and apps today.

I think news is so negative because its what catches people's eyes. But why are people attracted to "bad news"? I think its because then they can try to make themself feel like they are part of whatever is happening.  There is few sites like NBC that doesn't have all negative news.

New matter because if we didn't have new we wouldn't know what is happening. The news travels fast and can warn us about things like storms coming and other events.  My feeling towards new is not go good just because of how they portray things and word things.  Its like they try to make something a big deal that isn't a big deal at all.  New can make you or brake you as a person. They could word something about you that is not right or make accusations and ruin you as a person.  They can also say good things like you're a hero and make you a "God".  I Think almost all new is entertainment because half of the point of news is to keep people interested in the story and maybe keep them involved in the action.

How is "cute cats" news? Its news because it gets views, and can get to peoples emotions and make them feel. I think thats the whole point of new is to get people to feel, weather it makes them mad, sad, happy, or sick.  People read or hear that news story and have a feeling on it and then can judge it.  But its all on how the new words it and puts it together is what makes you feel.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mr.Boggess Why Math

“I thought in like 7th-8th grade I wanted to teach math but I wasn’t any good at it, and then through high school I worked at a garden store and the owner talked me into ‘oh you should go into pharmacy’ so I went to pharmacy. I got to college and I had to take a lot of science and math and I didn’t like the science but I liked the math. So there you are. I did the math and I dropped the science. And I thought what do you do with math and I always thought I wanted to teach but that came and went and now I can say I’m glad I taught.”

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The elements affect the readers attention by drawing their eyes to it. You can do this by breaking the pattern of the design you have created.  I am a designer because when i take pictures with a camera I make things look cool by breaking the pattern and get thing that will catch peoples eyes. Design has influenced me to make things look neater and get rid of  things that are not needed. design has changed my way of thinking by making me more appreciate what people do and the time thought and effort they put effort they put into things we look at everyday.  It also has changed me by how cleaver they are they create a simple piece and it made to catch our eye and look at it.   One time I had a problem with design,  I was trying to figure out what should do for the 50 minute design project.  I had to think of something that looked good and had to fit three pictures in three columns.

I enjoy my school work, I think I enjoy it so much because we get so much freedom with what we get to do.  We get to express ourselves as kids and we can be heard for once.  We take something we like and challenge ourselves and have fun with it.  we learn from our mistakes and we make improvements and we learn from that. we add our own personality to a project and we make it become ours and to fit us. I think that's why I like and enjoy the school work we do.

So called play can influence and motivate us to do certain things.( Play Vs. Work) Play is something we enjoy and do for fun.   It can motivate us to be serious and to relax a little bit.  Its something we do to escape.  We have to come to realize the difference between play and work.  Work is something that is more complicated but it can also be play, but if our work is play do we take it as serious?  We have more fun with play then always have to work but we have to put in some hard work in order to play.  There are relationships between work and play for an example your play could be come your work.  You can also fall in love with your work and that can be come your play.  


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Future of Journalism

I have come to understand that newspapers is a easy and fast way to get the news right to your front door. But nowadays we don't need that when we're on the go we simply pick up our phones and search what we want and what we want to know and if something big comes up we will see it on Facebook or twitter. I never see really "positive" news its all really negative like attacks and shootings.

I think the new future of news is going to be what is now but I don't think they will have news papers around.  I think they will keep news in with TV shows like South Park and others like it. They have apps for all sorts of different news cast station like Kare 11 and Fox. not only app but they have web sites that you can go and look  at want you want to look at. That I think is the problem you will over look the big stuff and miss you on what might be happening around you and wont be informed on it.

For our project we did the future on a holographic projector that bring the news to life right in the palm of your hand. It would simply be something you would plug into your aux input. The device would be compatible with all devices that have input aux.  it would cost $100 for the device, $115 for the plugin and a one year subscription and form there on $25 each additional year. You would be able to customize it to your likes and taste.  This would get people to be able to view the news were ever they like and can look at the news at their own time they wont have to watch the news at the certain time it plays. The cost of the product it reasonable in price. It is made with HD quality and high quality sound for the users. The one thing I would do differently about this project is to spend a lot more time thinking on what the project should have a futures and what it may look like to appeal to the eyes of others.

Monday, February 9, 2015

What is Journalism?

Journalism is a story reported by people.  Journalism can range from anything from posts on Facebook to the the news on TV and newspapers.  Journalism inform us on what is going on around us. Without journalism we would be sent back to the stone age. The problem with some journalism is some of the reporters like Brian Williams lie as he did, and they can miss inform us and lead us to false information. This can happen easily over Facebook posts or Tweets.

Journalism should be the truth of the story by gathering different sides of the story.  Journalism is important because of our first amendment freedom of speech.  You have probably been a journalist your self if you've ever wrote a story on a topic you liked, posted anything on Facebook or even talked about something you heard.

Journalism is a fast and easy way to spread the word of something important.  journalism can also be critical to celebrities to help them get their fame like Britney spears shaving her head and Charlie Sheen going on a drug rampage.

The actual definition of journalism is the activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television.  But who is to say what is and isn't journalism?  A lot of things have changed over time.  Our media now a days gets news and events that are happening out there so fast we are constantly updated by the news.

I think journalism can cause a lot of harm and trouble though.  I know with some of my successions of being a trapshooter I have gotten interviews and been misquoted plenty of times or was never in the interview.  I know they do twist your words and can use them against you and can hurt your reputation or at least make you look bad.  With this said their can be really bias journalism.  Like a full on republican reporting a story on a full on democrat is probably write a bias article favoring their side.

To say journalism is good for us as people because it lets us know what is going on in the world around us and than again  it isn't that good if people mislead us on the facts. Bending the truth is and twisting word is not best thing to do but journalism get a lot of attention.  We see journalism every day of our lives.